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php-laminas-text - Laminas Framework Text component

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Laminas\Text is a component to work on text strings.
It contains the subcomponents:

* Laminas\Text\Figlet that enables developers to create a so called FIGlet
  text. A FIGlet text is a string, which is represented as ASCII art. FIGlets
  use a special font format, called FLT (FigLet Font). By default, one standard
  font is shipped with Laminas\Text\Figlet, but you can download
  additional fonts here

* Laminas\Text\Table to create text based tables on the fly with different
  decorators. This can be helpful, if you either want to send structured data
  in text emails, which are used to have mono-spaced fonts, or to display table
  information in a CLI application. Laminas\Text\Table supports multi-line
  columns, colspan and align as well.



php-laminas-text-2.9.0-2.fc33.remi.noarch [30 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2021-11-10):
- ignore tests for deprecation
php-laminas-text-2.9.0-1.fc33.remi.noarch [30 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2021-09-03):
- update to 2.9.0
- raise dependency on zend-stdlib >= 3.6
- keep compatibility using laminas-zendframework-bridge
  as this is only used using compat autolader