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php-phpspec - Specification-oriented BDD framework for PHP

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phpspec is a tool which can help you write clean and working PHP code
using behaviour driven development or BDD. BDD is a technique derived
from test-first development.

BDD is a technique used at story level and spec level. phpspec is a tool
for use at the spec level or SpecBDD. The technique is to first use a tool
like phpspec to describe the behaviour of an object you are about to write.
Next you write just enough code to meet that specification and finally you
refactor this code.


php-phpspec-7.1.0-1.fc33.remi.noarch [120 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2021-06-21):
- update to 7.1.0
php-phpspec-7.0.1-1.fc33.remi.noarch [119 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2021-01-06):
- update to 7.0.1