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php-rmccue-requests - Requests for PHP is a humble HTTP request library

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Requests for PHP simplifies how you interact with other sites and takes
away all your worries.

Requests is a HTTP library written in PHP, for human beings. It is
roughly based on the API from the excellent Requests Python library.
Requests is ISC Licensed (similar to the new BSD license) and has no
dependencies, except for PHP 5.2+.

Despite PHP's use as a language for the web, its tools for sending HTTP
requests are severely lacking. cURL has an interesting API, to say the
least, and you can't always rely on it being available. Sockets provide
only low level access, and require you to build most of the HTTP
response parsing yourself.

We all have better things to do. That's why Requests was born.


php-rmccue-requests-1.8.0-1.fc33.remi.noarch [69 KiB] Changelog by Sundeep Anand (2021-05-12):
- Update to 1.8.0 (rhbz#1954316)
- Add to download docs, examples and tests
- Drop php-rmccue-requests-pr297.patch