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phpdoc - Documentation generator for PHP

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phpDocumentor is an application that is capable of analyzing your PHP source
code and DocBlock comments to generate a complete set of API Documentation.

Inspired by phpDocumentor 1 and JavaDoc it continues to innovate and is up to
date with the latest technologies and PHP language features.

Features: phpDocumentor supports the following:
* PHP 5.3 compatible, full support for Namespaces, Closures and more is provided
* Shows any tag, some tags add additional functionality to phpDocumentor
  (such as @link)
* Processing speed, Zend Framework experienced a significant reduction in
  processing time compared to phpDocumentor 1
* Low memory usage, peak memory usage for small projects is less than 20MB,
  medium projects 40MB and large frameworks 100MB
* Incremental parsing, if you kept the Structure file from a previous run you
  get an additional performance boost of up to 80% on top of the mentioned
  processing speed above
* Easy template building, if you want to make a branding you only have to call
  1 task and edit 3 files
* Command-line compatibility with phpDocumentor 1, phpDocumentor 2 is an
  application in its own right but the basic phpDocumentor 1 arguments,
  such as --directory, --file and --target, have been adopted
* Two-step process, phpDocumentor first generates a cache with your application
  structure before creating the output. If you'd like you can use that to power
  your own tools or formatters!


phpdoc-2.9.1-2.fc33.remi.noarch [1.3 MiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2020-09-07):
- add dependency on webmozart/assert